In a world of ever changing legislation and fiscal requirements, carefully structured planning remains of utmost importance to ensure clients and their assets are fully protected. Determining the best structure requires considerable thought to regulation, wider financial implications and any other liability exposures facing clients and their estates.

Putting your luxury asset(s) in the hands of a service provider is a huge decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly – here are 10 reasons why we believe that we are a safe choice!


Our proactive approach to creating bespoke solutions offers the ability to manage an individual asset, or multiple and complex cross-border estates; planning for both a client’s personal and business assets as required.

Working closely with clients and their advisors, we ensure each structure meets objectives, whilst being managed at the high level expected and ensuring any decisions made are in the best interest of clients and their intended beneficiaries.


Our clients are at the heart of our business and our sole aim is to meet and serve their individual business needs and objectives. A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all and we pride ourselves on our approach as well as the relationships we build. Straight talking, friendly and approachable, we are always here to listen and will provide the specialist advice each client requires.


Determined to stay ahead of the changes and ever more sophisticated tax issues and regulatory requirements, our team of highly experienced and qualified professionals work hard to stay abreast of the latest developments so that we are able to develop new and suitable solutions, as well as react effectively and efficiently to any changes that might affect the structures we manage.


Often a value overlooked in business, ‘transparency’ produces trust and trust produces credibility; qualities that are important for any business to succeed in building strong client relationships.  Whether a marketing initiative, a pricing structure or a letter of engagement, being transparent not only supports our brand but helps our clients to understand what we, as a business, stand for. Transparency helps everyone do business better!


For some, price may be the main driver when making fundamental decisions, however more clients are beginning to identify a more important driver when looking for right solution and provider…VALUE!

Whilst price has a short-term benefit, it is value that delivers the true benefit over the long-term, which is why we place a significant amount of focus on providing extra added value to our clients. We strive to prove to them that we are not just a provider but the partner they need to help meet their business objectives.


We understand the importance of client relationships and the part it plays in our business’ success. Providing exceptional and innovative customer service is fundamental to building valuable client relationships. Treating clients with consideration and maintaining a good communication style in order to understand and regularly evaluate your expectations, are two simple yet powerful ways we can provide a high level of client service.


When engaged by a client we enter into a relationship – with all relationships, the key to success is regular and effective communication. Maintaining open communication benefits both parties and can ensure clients feel comfortable with their provider. We understand the ability to build rapport, communicate effectively and establish connections with our clients is essential, not only to our business’s growth but our relationship with the client.


As an independent and privately-owned service provider, we can better serve our clients in many ways. Our independence allows us to stay agile and adapt to change and to be more personable with our clients. Whilst on the surface it may appear that public companies have a much broader network of partners, they are often restricted by their loyalties to specific companies and by constrictive and self-serving policies and working practices. As an independent business, we are free to work alongside associates who will best serve the needs of our clients.


Quinton is a young business but our owners and key individuals have been providing bespoke fiduciary and corporate services to high net worth individuals, families and corporate clients for many years. We are proud to be recognised for our principles of integrity and our ability to deliver value through a range of comprehensive and tailored solutions.


Whether a family trust fund, fine home, trading company, luxury yacht or business jet -or even today’s alternative asset investments, i.e. fine art, exclusive marque supercars or classic car collections; our team of professionals have the knowledge, understanding and experience required to deliver timely bespoke solutions that protect and make the most out of your luxury assets.

As a service provider who has been chosen by many to look after their most treasured asset, we see our role as not only a big responsibility, but a huge honour – not to mention one that we take very seriously.

At Quinton, we are not just a service provider, we are Protectors…!


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